Business Pie: The Recipe for Business Success

Business Success

In celebration of National Pie Day, I wanted to give you a mix of tips for business success. When you combine the best ingredients for your business you will be success bound.

Think about your favorite pie, rather homemade or store bought there are certain ingredients that are must have. My favorite is the homemade dutch apple pie, but Mrs. Smith’s will do in a crunch!! It’s all about the fresh apples, the cinnamon and who can forget the streusel!! My mouth just waters thinking about it… back to business

What does Pie have to do with business?

When talking about your recipe for business success, making sure you have the best ingredients are important. While every business is different there is always a mixture of of ingredients that are needed to make the business grow. When you put these ingredients together you can make great things happen for your business. Here are my top five for business success.

Top 5 Ingredients for Business Success

The pan: Every great pie starts out with the perfect pan, you are the pan of your business. A great business owner is the FOUNDATION of their organization. As a a result, they not only guide the business but they cultivate an environment of growth and potential. And after every great pie is gone, the pan remains. Leaders need to be durable and work well under pressure, so I am not talking your aluminum pie pan, I am talking stoneware!

Natural Ingredients: When you say your are making a homemade pie, you for sure should be making a homemade pie. A true pie connoisseur will see right through the flour on your face and and apples strategically placed on the counter. The same goes for business success HONESTY and INTEGRITY are everything! If you say you are going to do something, do it! The worst thing you want is your business to be seen as a fraud or fake. Put in the work to develop your skills. Be the real thing!!

Mix of ingredients: Every good pie maker understands that it is not just that one ingredient that sets the pie off, it is the mixture of ingredients. As with business success BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS is important to your process.  Having the emotional intelligence to understand your team and their needs. In addition, understanding what your clients and the community expect and need from your business. Being able to cultivate relationships is a major key to business success.

Secret Ingredient: And this is what makes your grandma’s pie the best you have ever had!! It’s that one ingredient that you never would have though of, that pinch of salt, or dash of orange juice that sets the pie off!! In business this is called INNOVATION. It is the ability to think outside of the box and take risks.  You want to stand out among the crowd, you have to think more abstractly.

Smell: And now the pie is done, that smell tells it all. With smell being the first part of taste, consider that COMMUNICATION is the first taste anyone will get of your business. Do you know your mission and vision? Can you communicate information about your business in a concise and effective manner? The way you communicate can make or break your business.

Make Your Business as Success!

Did these tips resonate with you? Are you looking to make your business stand out? Let us help you make you business the success you are working towards. Send us a message in the form below and let us help you and your organization with all of your leadership and develop needs.


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