Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment: A Research Based Guide

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This educational course if based on readings from NIDAs: Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment: A Research Based Guide. This course looks at trends in the United States of America surrounding addiction treatment. It also covers principles of effective treatment for providers. This education covers the Treatment Planning skill of the Eight Counselor Skill Groups ascribed by NAADAC and NCC AP.


Learning ObjectivesUpon completion of this education course, the participant will be able to:

  1. Identify principles of effective treatment;
  2. Assess drug addiction treatment in the United States;
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of evidence-based approaches to drug addiction treatment.



AuthorNIDA. 2020, June 1. Acknowledgments. Retrieved from on 2020, July 9

Exam written by: Tamika Lett, PhD Human Services, NCAC II, CSAC, CCTP, QMHP A/C



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